.Inari Okami.


“My wishes pour down on you,
Softly passing over the sadness.
Someday, if our paths might cross again,
I will think of your tear-washed face in profile.”

RIP Kagrra

.Skin: ~Tableau Vivant ~ Vincent – May

.Hair: ~ Tableau Vivant~ Vlodovic hair – Spring

.Hands: Slink male relaxed

.Ears/Tail: O.M.E.N Kitsune – Natural Colors – Frost – (10L right now in store!)

.Tattoos: .:::Ⓖ.ID:::. Possession (Body), Riot Stripes Red Devil (Face)

.Dragon: {aii} + Eastern Dragon Boa Pack + 

.Mask: [LANEVO]OKAMI Mask Amaterasu Design.

.Arm Straps: Glam Affair –  Arm harness

.Back Accessory: {Aii}+ Anima Halo + Gold  — (We RP)

.Pants: [][]Trap[][] Hakama Pants Black

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