.Wandering Druid.


“I try scream out my wishes, but I can’t make them heard
I have no place to go, I’m crushed
By cold forest full of sadness that towers over me
My tender heart quietly rots away.”

.Skin: ~Tableau Vivant ~ Vincent – May

.Hair: 99 Krima — Black

.Eyes: Repulse – Fetid Eyes v2 (Gold)

.Hands: Slink AVEhance male

.Headress: Alchemy — Druid Headdress

.Face Tattoo: .:::Ⓖ.ID:::  Riot Stripes Red Devil (Face)

.Body Tattoo: :Little Pricks: – The Warrior

.Piercings: – .HoD. – The Dead v2 (L) – Slide

.Face Chain: *May’s Soul* Sahara chain black

.Wings: *~* Illusions — Corvus Wings

.Hand Tatoo: :::Ⓖ.ID::: Wolf Tribal

.Hand Gauntlet: DRD- Chrono Fangs Steam

.Staff: Alchemy — Druid Staff  — (We Love Role Play)

.Companion:  Alchemy – Fenris The Great Wolf  — (Enchantment)

.Boots: DPD – The North

.Pants: Yasum*MESH*Dungies*Mega Hud controled*MALE

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