.Cursed Summoner.

Radou1 Raidou2

Devil Summoner Kuzonoha
The price for controlling demons
Has finally begun to show itself. 

.Skin: THESKINSHOP ‘Fox’ (Athletic)

.Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body

.Eyes: Lovely Disarray – Ghoul Eyes : Hunger ; [Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Wolf


.Earrings: [CX]– Feral Fang @ The 100 Block

.Tattoo: antielle. Okami Amaterasu

.Seals: antielle. Ofuda Charms

.Mouth: antielle. Kuchisake onna

.Hat: 7mad;Ravens Good Conductor @ Men only Monthly 

.Cape: FATEplay – Cloak – Kollo

.Katana: [BODY FACTORY] Kombat Katana

.Arm Band: [CX] Restrained Demons Box

.Claws: [CX] Stinger Claws @ Black Fashion Fair 

.Pants: AAHAKEE  – ComfortFit_BlackDeep

.Belt: DRD – Male Utility Belt Black

.Tube: DRD – LAB 15.vaccuum tubes 1

.Kitsune: Schadenfreude Painted Blue Two Tailed Baby Kitsune RARE

.Inugami: ~Silent Sparrow~ Inugami

.Gōto/Cat: Birdy (Foxes) The Witching Hour – Melancholy

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