.Mischievous Serpent.


The pampered pureblood licked his lips, lazily flicking his wand up at the books as he spoke softly…
“Fear not my little raven, no one will interrupt us.” 

[Go see my little raven’s perspective.]

.Skin: THESKINSHOP ‘Fox’ (Athletic)

.Hair:   Exile:: Voltage @ Hair Fair

.Eyes: [Buzz] Cora Eyes Chlorine @ The Epiphany

.Eyebrows: Unorthodox  Cool Dude Raised Eyebrow



.Shoes: ::GB:: Dress Shoes

.Uniform: FATEplay – Henry – Slytherin Black @ Wizarding Faire

.Necklace: Forever Famous – Elder Necklace @ Wizarding Faire

.Wand: [KRAVE/Strike it] Fantasy Wand Nokturn Brown @ Wizarding Faire

.Ring: [PURR] – Deathly Ring – Silver @ Wizarding Faire

-DECOR – Wizarding Faire

.random.Matter. – Potioneer Set
Alchemy Book
Gorgon Excreta
Bat Droppings
Plain Potion Bottle

UnKindess – Potion Gacha
Table Full (RARE)
Magical Classroom Shelving
Potions Sets 1-6

floorplan. owl post / white
-STRIKE IT- Innocuous Charms Book
-STRIKE IT- Leather Handle Wand

-Other Decor-

[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 1
[ zerkalo ] Rug
DRD ebenezers bookcase
[NO CONCEPT] antique chandelier @ Kustom 9 
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Curtain Pane
Kalopsia – Spells Book
.aisling. Magic Potions Shelf A
.aisling. Magic Potions Shelf B

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