.Vicious Design.

..Vicious Design..

They are not vicious by nature.
They are vicious by design.

*To see what Freya is wearing check her blog.*

.Skin: THESKINSHOP ‘Fox’ (Athletic)

.Hair: Exile:: Voltage


.Necklace: Meva – Mens Collar @ Men Only Monthly

.Mouth Slit: antielle. Kuchisake onna

.Teeth: [ContraptioN]  The Carnivorous

.Face Wound: antielle. Conjuncted Skin

.Oni Marking: antielle. Devil Scar

.Earrings: [CX] Claw Earrings

.Horns: [CX] War Horns @ Cosmopolitan

.Blindfold & Spikes: [CX]  Cursed keeper @ Nightmare (Coming Soon)

.Talons: [CX] Hayop Claws

.Blades: [CX] Arm Blades

.Tail: [CX] Bone Tail

.Armlet: [CX] Spine Fragment

.Belt: :Enigma:  Ragnar belt (comes with kilt)

.Pants: ~Tableau Vivant ~   Leather skinnies

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