.Inner Demons.

..Inner Demons..

When your inner demons begin to whisper
Do you turn away? Or tilt your  head closer…

.Hair:  [Deadwool]  Undercut

.Jacket: ::GB:: Riding Jacket (TMP) Dark purple @ Epiphany 

.Shirt:::GB:: Riding Jacket shirt / Black and Tie @ Epiphany 

.Pants & Boots: ::GB:: Riding Boots & pants (TMP) Gray @ Epiphany 

.Pipe: [CX]  Tassel Kiseru

Bone Kitty: Jian :: RARE Cuddle Creepers – Zip the Skele-cat @ Tag! Gacha (Coming Soon 10/17)

.Demons: lassitude & ennui – Sitting imp pet, Whispering imp pet  @ Tag! Gacha (Coming Soon 10/17)

— Decor —

.MudHoney. @ Tag! Gacha (Coming Soon 10/17)

Lenore Table
Lenore Roses
Lenore Chandelier
Lenore Jewels- Large, Medium, Small
Stone Art
Lenore Urn
Lenore Cabinet
Lenore Fireplace
Lenore Rug
Ruffle Curtains (Not at Tag)

.NOMAD. @ Tag! Gacha (Coming Soon 10/17)

Goat Taxidermy // RARE
Gothic Settee
Abstract Sculpture
Gothic Candelabra

.Zerkalo. @  Tag! Gacha (Coming Soon 10/17)

Apothecary Snake Scales
Apothecary Mosquito Sting Powder
Apothecary Octopus Ink
Apothecary Owl Eyeball Extract
Apothecary Crows Beak
Apothecary Chicken Toes

.Bueno. @ Epiphany 

Silent Gun
Money Stacks
Stolen Jewels
Open Safe
Stolen Artwork

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