.Dinner is Served.

..Dinner is Served..

He was a quiet, wealthy man who was proper and fit.
The locals found him to be both a mysterious generous business man.
The small motel he ran as not perfect but kept the tiny little town at bay.
He had one dark secret and one friend to share it with, the property manager.
The property manager kept the motel nice and clean, and the owner would make lavish meals…

Care to join him?

.Hat: [Deadwool]   Bowler hat – bloody @ TAG! Gacha (Treat)

.Hair: *Dura -Boy*61(White)

.Monocle: .[SWaGGa]  Monocle – Black

.Stole: ::GB:: Feather stole / Black RARE

.Jacket:  *COCO*  Shawl Collar Coat(Navy)

.Pants:  *COCO* Tailored Pants(Black)

.Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots – Men – Short @ Kustom9


DRD @ TAG! Gacha 
DRD motel- Murder motel (RARE)
DRD motel – murdertools table
DRD motel – body (blood only)
DRD motel – vintage camera
DRD motel – teaset
DRD motel – memory board
DRD motel – small sidetable
DRD motel – polaroids
DRD motel – airconditioning
DRD motel – small wallamps
DRD motel – frames
DRD motel – psycho desk items
DRD motel – deerhead

[ContraptioN] @ TAG! Gacha 
[ContraptioN] Decor: Tenor’s Death Mask
[ContraptioN] Decor: Soprano’s Death Mask
[ContraptioN] Decor: Alto’s Death Mask
[ContraptioN] Decor: Broken Sink
[ContraptioN] Decor: Gainsley Embalming Fluid Bottles
[ContraptioN] Decor: Embalming Machine
[ContraptioN] Mysterious Vinyl: “Cathartic Restoration”
[ContraptioN] Old Gramophone

*Shai* @ TAG! Gacha 
*Shai* Cherry Pie Stand
*Shai* Skull Table Setting
*Shai* Ornate Dining Chair

[n.i] @ TAG! Gacha 
[n.i] turn.and.cough.syringe.tray
[n.i] turn.and.cough.regret.nothing (heart)

Sari-Sari @ TAG! Gacha 
Sari-Sari – Abandoned Morgue – Surgical Light
Sari-Sari – Abandoned Morgue – Apron

[Deadwool]  @ TAG! Gacha 
[Deadwool] 5. Syringe-x
[Deadwool] 7. Corpse arm

[ dynasty ] @ TAG! Gacha 
[ dynasty ] – The Oxford Effect – Razor Box
[ dynasty ] – The Oxford Effect – GreyLadder

.Zerkalo. Apothecary Halloween Set – Candelabrum – RARE @ TAG! Gacha 

RO  – Hotel Paranoia – Tone Death COPY @ TAG! Gacha 

[CX] Oculolinctus (Green) @  Wayward

[ kunst ] – Brandy bottle
[ kunst ] – Brandy glass #3

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