.Soft Puppy, Warm Puppy.

..Soft Puppy..

Little ball of floof.
Happy puppy, sleepy puppy,
Woof Woof Woof.

For Parker’s perspective click here.

.Skin: Tableau Vivant \\ Tox Skin @ TMD

.Hair: *Dura – Anime 02

.Sweater: 2byte Mo sweater  @ TMD

.Pants:  F.A.T Slim fit Jeans Grey


Chair: Dust Bunny Papasan Chair & Stool @ N21
Rug:  junk. Cow Rug
Puppies:  Jian Puff Pups – Sable Puff & Sleepy Puff RARE @ Gacha Garden
Clock: NOMAD Factory Wall Clock @ 6 Republic
Lights: Soy. Aged Spot Light @ 6 Republic
Bear Art: Ideza Licensed To Bear @ 6 Republic
Bear Statue: Kalopsia  Carved Bear @ 6 Republic
Console Table: [Commoner] California Dreamin’ – Salvaged Console @ 6 Republic
Shelf: [Commoner] California Dreamin’ -Gallery Shelf @ 6 Republic
Flowers: Sorgo Potted Orchids@ TMD
Books: Sorgo  Four Small Books @ TMD
Incense:  Sorgo Incense Bottle @ TMD
Hearth: N4RS Fire Logs @ TMD

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