.Keep a Weather Eye.

.Keep a Weather Eye..

To see Parker’s version go to Parker’s Laundry Basket.

.Cap:  [ContraptioN]  Mutt Cap – Enchantment

.Necklace: Meva Mens Skull Necklace Brown – Men Only Monthly

.Scars:  antielle. Scars

.Cape: [Stitched] Jack’s cape – Cape only Polar

.Arm: [CX] Duel’s Aftermath – Sword Arm – Enchantment

.Vest: RO  Mercenary Guild – Vest – Rackham

.Pants:  !gO!  Captain pants

.Boots: Yasum *Vintage Pants* Pitch


[DDD] Treasure Chest
[DDD] Golden Treasure Sack
[DDD] Golden Treasure Bars
[DDD] Muddy Shovel
Head Hunter’s Island – Pirate maps
Apple Fall  Tree Stump w/ Hatchet – Men Only Monthly
Apple Fall Oil Lantern – Men Only Monthly
xin. Huskey (Coming Soon –  Arcade)

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