They were never alone, not when they had their familiars always nearby, watching.

Left Look

.Septum:  [CX] Drop Septum (Silver)

.Necklace: MINIMAL  – Zima Necklace Silver RARE (modified) – The Season’s Story

.Claws: [CX] Hayop Claws

.Wings: RO – Wonderland – Wocky Wings RARE (Modified) – The Epiphany

.Hat:  [monso]  My Vintage Beanie – Black   – TMD

.Jacket: ::GB:: Mouton jacket with Tshirt / Black   – TMD

.Pants: C L A Vv.  – Wrinkle Leather Pants – Black  – TMD

.Shoes: (fd) Bossy Boots Large – Wingtip Gray

.Familiar: JIAN :: RARE Arm-Perched Avigon – The Epiphany

Right Look

.Headphones: RO – Cat-A-Clysm – Red

.Necklace: L&B MENS “Shark Tooth” Choker Necklace – TMD

.Hat:  ::GB:: Loose Knit Cap –  The Epiphany

.Gas Mask: *katat0nik*  & Clemmm (Boney) Gas Mask RARE –  The Epiphany

.Arms:  *katat0nik*  & Clemmm  – Clawarmer Filth RARE  –  The Epiphany

.Coat:  ::GB:: Side wrap long coat Black RARE –  The Epiphany

.Pants & Boots:  ::GB:: Lace up boots with pants Olive –  The Epiphany

.Familiar:  Birdy. Shabby Cats – Poseables Pack – Sit Black  –  The Epiphany


.Skybox: ))Dark Corp(( Grunge skybox

.Rim: uK  – Old Americana Tire Rim

.Paint Cans: [Bad Unicorn] SK8 Spray Cans  – The EpiphanyToro. – Spraycans set – TMD

.Barrel: SKYE MESH Urban Junk #1 Oil Drums

.Light: Amala – The Hanging Light  –  The Epiphany

.Graffiti: =CHIPARUS= Alpha Graffiti Textures

.Phone: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Haunted Payphone

.Extinguisher: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]Fire Extinguisher

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