.Akuma no Arrival.

.Akuma No Arrival.

I’ve got a loaded rifle in one hand,
Walking quickly to the place where you’re trembling in fear.
Tick-Tock, the hands of a clock, tick-tock,
I’m simply running on impulse…and I show no sign of stopping.

.Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~  Cricket Hair – TMD

.Horns: .Random Matter. – Borgin Horns

.Ears: [CX] Industrial Ears

.Rings: [CX] Skull Ring, Wrapped Rings

.Nails: [CX] Stingers

.Jacket: Sleepy Eddy -#MA- Flight Jacket (Navy) –  TMD

.Pants: ::GB:: Bondage Strap Pants  – Monsieur Chic

.Boots: ::GB:: Rise Boots

.Tail:  {aii} Animated Spaded Tail with Markings

.Bag: C L A Vv – Skull Luggage Bag RARE –  Kustom9

.Pet: Alchemy – Alchemy – Hell Puppers – Oblivion RARE – Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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