.Pet Dragon.

.Pet Dragon.

The figured stirred as the cage gave another shudder.
The sound of claws clanging on metal and distant screeches echoed.
A sardonic fell upon his lips as he leaned back, unable to see them.
“It’s no use..” the young prince whispered, “this is my home now…”

.Horns: DRD  – horns and chains

.Hair:  *Drot* – Ash **Animated**- Whimsical 

.Ears:  Mandala Steking

.Blindfold:  [CX]  Cursed keeper

.Harness: ::GB::  Body Belt Harness RARE – Whimsical 

.Gloves: :::Breath::: Long Glove – Men Only Monthly

.Jacket: C L A Vv –  Edgar Jacket – Black – Monsieur Chic

.Pants:  -David Heather- Yves Pants

.Nails: [CX]  Stingers

.Wings:  RO – Wonderland – Wocky Wings RARE

.Tail:  {aii}  Dark Dragon Tail – Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.Dragons: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]  Attack Dragon Black , Crouching Dragon Black  – Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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