.Canine Kilo.

.Canine Kilo.

“Three Dexies? Are you sure?
Tch… You buns are killing my stock.”

.Hair: Exile::Voltage

.Hairbase: AITUI Hairbase 2.0 – My Palms with Dust

.Ears:  [CX] Industrial Ear

.Mask: CURELESS [+] Procedure Mask / GAUZE WHITE SKULL –  GEN-Neutral

.Bracelet:  [ kunst ] – Star crossed bracelet – TMD

.Ring: [ kunst ] – Stapled ring – TMD

.Meds: BUENO– Meds for Bed 0

.Shirt:  BlankLine 2pocket shirts (forTMP) [Black] tucked – TMD

.Belt: [CX] Savage Bat (Belt)

.Pants: ::GB::loose belt pants_gray – TMD

.Shoes: ::GB:: loose belt -P set shoes L – TMD


.Building: DRD 19. SC Crack House, 20. Beer on table – Arcade

.Bunnies: +Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Latte – Look Around, Run, Lay Down –  C88

.Scale: BUENO– Scale Red

.Money: BUENO– Money Pile

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