The boys unleash hell when there was none
Blood thirsty when the dogs put their paws on
Bring them to the wake, recommend a requiem
Throw ’em in the pit and throw a lil’ bit of dirt on ’em


.Horns: [CX]  War Horns

.Hair: *Dura-Anime*04 HAIR – WHITE -NEW-

.Ears: Mandala Steking

.Dirt: Clemmm – Body Filth

.Mask: [ContraptioN] – Mask: Riders

.Teeth: [ContraptioN] – The Carnivorous

.Collar: [CX]  Saint’s Suffering Bevor RARE (Aged)

.Vest: F.A.T  Silas Fur Vest Black

.Right Hand: [ContraptioN] – Cursed Hand -NEW-   The Secret Affair

.Left Hand: RO Mercenary Guild Glove – RARE

.Arm Straps: [CX] Mercenary Arm Band, Spine Fragment

.Apron: [CX] Butcher’s Apron -NEW-  We  Roleplay

.Pants: *chronokit*  Cropped Sarrouel Pants Black

.Legs: [CX] Satyr’s Hooves (Black) -NEW-  The Secret Affair


.Horns :[CX] Restrained Demons Horns

.Hair :*Dura–Anime*04 HAIR – DARK COLOR -NEW-

.Eye : negaposi ELFIN EYES – Darkmatter

.Eyebag : Clemmm – Eyebags

.Blood : -SU!-  Bloody Mouth & Teeth

.Scarf : [CX] Leather Scarf (Black)

.Inner :tomoto , tanktop black for katahada

.Kimono : tomoto , katahada ohgiku black top = Limited color =

.Belt : PFC~Role Belt – Healer (brown)

.Hakama skirt: PFC~The Guard – Skirt

.Hand : RO – Azrael – Wrought

.Leg : [CX] Satyr’s Hooves (Brown) -NEW-  The Secret Affair

.Katana : [CX] Katana Kanzashi (Silver) RARE

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