.His Collection.

.His Collection.-sm

He kept many things in his lonely mansion,
Both inanimate objects and living creatures.

.Hair: [BURLEY] Joe

.Mask: [CX] Savage Dog’s Muzzle Male (Black) – The Epiphany (4/12)

.Dog Ears: [CX] Canine Ears  – The Epiphany (4/12)

.Claws: [CX] Canidae Claws (Hands and feet)  – The Epiphany (4/12)

.Ears: [CX] Industrial Ears

.Eye Bags: Clemmm – Eyebags

.Bruises: Ama. – Roughed up

.Bracelet: [CX] Doomed Biker Link – TMD

.Arm Belt: Air Shizuka

.Pants: Clef de Peau Outlet.Rolled Pants.Slate – TMD


.Masks: DRD – VS Masks – chevre, cornes sombres, les bois, dragun  – The Epiphany (4/12)

.Pillow: DRD – VS – cushion  – The Epiphany (4/12)

.Candles: DRD Voir secretement – chandelabra   – The Epiphany (4/12)

.Mannequins: {-MK-} Dog, Cat –   The Seasons Story

.Gazebo: Scarlet Creative  – Anastasia Gazebo

.Bird: CURELESS [+] Flower Kissers – Hummingbird – C88

.Curtains: cinphul  // Brooding Curtains

.Skybox: cinphul // Delusory [Boutique]

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