.Steppin’ Out.

.Steppin Out.

I ain’t gonna die having never felt anything,
So I’ll set my sights beyond the end.
We’re steppin’ out tonight.

[Parker’s Version]

.Hat: [monso]  My Vintage Beanie – Black

.Hair: RAW HOUSE  :: Fox  –  TMD

.Headphones: **RE** Bad-Kitty Headphones – Common – Black – The Epiphany

.Shoulders: G.ID-Manticora Shoulder Pad

.Bracelet:  [CX] Doomed Biker Link – TMD

.Jacket: .…Scars… Print Blouson M [Lotus] – TMD

.Fringe: **RE**Bad-Kitty Necklace – Common – Black –  The Epiphany

.Pants:  [ Excellence ] Ronin Pants – Black and Gold

.Shoes: HX: Black Classic High Tops w/ Socks – TMD

.Sloth: Pink Acid – Baby Sloth gray –  The Epiphany

.Doge: JIAN :: Silly Shibes – Skater Pup RARE –  The Epiphany

.Bikes: Sau – CHITU II -Lite

.Toolbox: Second Spaces Home Improvement – Toolbox  – EXCLUSIVE –  The Epiphany

.Cord:  Second Spaces Home Improvement – Extension Cord –  The Epiphany

.Plate: [Con.] The Plate Collection – Montana –  The Epiphany

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