.Rescue Me.

.Rescue Me.

I can be the one to free you from your pains, erase these broken lies.
I can take it all away from you, right now and leave this darkened world.
But if you had the choice to save the one you loved…
Would you ever rescue me?

.Hair: *Dura Boys&Girls*58 (White)

.Ears: [CX] Elven Ear Split

.Eyes: [Buzz] Glacier Eyes – Lavender – The Epiphany

.Eyebrows: -[TWC]- Between Eyebrows V1 & V2

.Mouth: :::Breath::prototype mesh lips(wiping)

.Cut: antielle. Devil Scar – Slight Wound

.Harness: ::GB:: Cross harness – Black Fair

.Nails: [CX] Canidae Claws (Hands and feet) – The Epiphany

.Wings: Blueberry – Oakley Wings – Black – The Epiphany

.Pants: .Shi : Outre [Homme]


Columns: Kalopsia – columns
Thorns: +Half-Deer+ Thorny Vine – Brown
Table: May’s Soul – Altar
Water: {anc} ripple. oil
Mist: {anc} mist cloud [sungold]

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