.Suzaku No Sora.

.Suzaku No Sora.

The clear sky, an ominous red
The sun, melting its way down
The last smile you left to me
Is so transparent, it’s distorted
There’s an aching rush in my heart 

.Hair.  [^.^Ayashi^.^] – King

.Eyes: [Buzz] Glacier Eyes – Albino – The EpiphanyClemmm – The Whites

.Ears: :-.SOUEN.-:100monoya ( Mezu Ear ) – Nine States

.Horns:  :-.SOUEN.-:100monoya ( Gozu Horn )  – Nine States


.Pants: AMERIE  – Mesh Harf Pants

.Obi: ..::( siratama )::.. 2 – yuigesa-kazari ,Tomoto – kimono two ribbons black (M)obi

.Necklace: . ..::( siratama )::..  5 – mamori-kazari

.Hooves[CX] Satyr’s Hooves (Brown)

.Sakura Trees & Petals{anc} – Garden-   “harugasumi” SAKURAtree {mixpinkA},  {greenB},   PetalRain/A[pink]  – The Fantasy Faire

.Magnolia Tree: Air – Magnolia tree – white

.Flowers: Studio Skye  – Spring Flower

.Shrine: xin – Shinto  sessha (rare)

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