.Amidst the Heavens.

.Amidst the Heavens.

If my  dreams are obscured from my sight
Like the faint image of the moon at dawn
So cover me in clouds, oh god who descends from the heavens

.Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Starry Night \\ Windy – B+W

.Hair Pin: ..::( siratama )::.. 9 RARE- syougatu-asobi

.Bell..::( siratama )::.. NATUMATURI 12 – suzune kubikazari –

.Makeupvioletta.  KABUKI kumadori makeup 04(Narukami) – Creators Collection Box

.Ears: {aii} Kitsune Ears – RARE – Gami Gacha (6/2)

.Tail{aii} Kitsune Tail – RARE – Gami Gacha (6/2)

.Fur: *{JB}* Fur Stole [Snow]

.Arms:  -00- Japanese Soul Byakko – Arm covers

.Kimono: tomoto – kurogo:  black bottom,  white obi, white leg – Creators Collection Box

.Nails [CX]  Canidae Claws (hands and feet)

.Tattoo: antielle. Okami Amaterasu

.Dragon*katat0nik*  – Cloud Dragon – Ruby  – The Arcade (6/1)

.Butterflies: {-Maru Kado-}  Butterfly Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple   – Creators Collection Box

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