They don’t want their hands to get dirty
So they soil their hearts only and keep a clean appearance


.Hair:  *Dura-Boy*68 Hair –

.Mask: ..::( siratama )::.. syougatu-asobi – RARE

.Kimono: +HILU + 2016 summer Black A –  **Coming soon to Japonica**

.Tattoo: CURELESS[+] Komainu Guardians

.Accessories – [CX]
[CX] Wraps
[CX] Canidae Claws
[CX] Mutt Collar


.Yukata : +HILU +Gift Yukata2016(M) **Coming soon to Japonica**

.Hairsticks: katat0nik* * (Dark Hair Stick) Cloud Dragon

.Pipe: [CX] Kiseru Ryuu Mouth (Silver)

.Stole: PLASTIX – Fox Fur Collar, Starlet Stole

.Tattoo: CURELESS[+] Dragon’s Wisdom

.Accessories: – [CX]
[CX] Pierced Septum (Black)
[CX] Claw Earrings Corroded
[CX] Talon Nails

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