.Dark Moon.

.Dark Moon.

Repeated thousands of years
Love is a mysterious battle, isn’t it?
The moonlight of love that came from you
As I’m bathed in it, I begin to change
Vividly, secretly, La Soldier

.Hair: Moon. Hair. // Barracuda

.Nails:  [CX]  Canidae Claws

.Cap: CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY / Winged Cap PLUTO – The Crystal Heart Festival

.Cape: CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY / Senshi Cloth PLUTO – The Crystal Heart Festival

.Armor:  ::GB::  – Gorget Collar RARE

.Wraps: [CX] Wraps Black

.Pants: C L A Vv.  – Wrinkle Leather Pants

.Boots: Yasum *Vintage Pants* Pitch

.Horse: RO – The Quest – Galahad RARE

.Scythe: CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY / The Soul Reaper – The Crystal Heart Festival

.Sparkles: Cole’s Corner –  Starlight Brights & Summer Solstice – Indie Teepee (Soon)

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