.Black Heart.

.Black Heart.


Something ugly this way comes
Through my fingers sliding inside
I’m on fire I’m rotting to the core
I’m eating all your kings and queens

.Hat: CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY / Kitsunetsuki / Headpiece  – UBUME x ORIGAMI

.Eyepatch: *{( konpeitou )}* Yami-Neko 9 : yosomi – UBUME x ORIGAMI

.Earring: -00- Yoko Earring Red – UBUME x ORIGAMI

.Wraps: [CX]  Wraps

.Rings: [ kunst ]  & Meva  – Felix ring, Mikal Ring  –The Epiphany

.Nails: [CX] Canidae Claws

.Top: ::GB::   Strap hoody  –The Epiphany

.Pants: ::GB::  Leather Pants in boots

.Tail:  [CX] & [ContraptioN]  Devil’s Tail –  ROMP

.Build: _i7_urban studio – back alley set RARE –The Epiphany
.Trash can: _i7_ Trash can prop – The Epiphany
.Case: :BAMSE:  Tactical Gear – Gear Case RARE – The Epiphany
.Hand: Parker
.Nails:  [CX] Broken Claws  –The Epiphany
.Weapon:  :BAMSE:  – Dragon Blade – Nightmare  –   TMD
.Blood: [n.i] splish.splash

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