[U10 – Red]

-NEW- The Epiphany
Hat : {Melon Bunny} Rounin JIngasa Red Hat
Mask : {MB}Oni Mask
Necklace : {MB} Rounin Beads Omen
Hakama skirt : {MB} Male Rounin Red Hakama
Geta : {MB} Rounin Red Geta
Gourd : {MB}Rounin Gourd Basic
Sword : {MB} Rounin Cursed Sheath (B)

Claw : [CX]Broken Claws (Light) TMP
Cuffs : [CX] Decaying Wrist Cuff (Light Rust) , [CX] Decaying Cuff (Light Rust)

Hair : .Shi Hair Gift : Valiant / Unisex . All -NEW- @HairFair
Shirt : Tomoto , tanktop red
Arm band : [CX]Mercenary’s Arm Bands (Black)
Shoulder cover : [Fuubutsu Dou]MESH-Blk/Gold/Red ShoulderGuard
Wrap : [CX]Wraps
Tail : [CX] & [ContraptioN]  Devil’s Tail –II *crimson* –   ROMP

[Luka – White]

-NEW- The Epiphany
Necklace : {MB} Rounin Beads Yuki
Hakama skirt :{MB} Male Rounin White Hakama
Geta : {MB} Rounin White Geta
Sword : {MB} Rounin Yuki Katana (A), Yuki Sheath
Claws : [CX] Broken Claws, Broken Talons

-NEW- @ UbumexOrigami
Hat: {EgoSumAii}+ Shiro Sakkat +
Chest: [DDD]Backpack Chest
Ofuda: CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY / Ofuda Charms / Nekomata Storybook IV

Hair: Moon. Hair. // Barracuda
Bracer:[CX] Mercenary’s Bracers
Wrists: Tomoto – kurogo white – kote
Wrap : [CX]  Wraps
Mask: :Axix:: Wukong Mask
Tattoo: CURELESS [+] Komainu Guardians

[Cerberus – Black]

-NEW- The Epiphany
Hakama: {MB} Male Rounin Black Hakama
Geta: {MB} Rounin Black Geta
Gourd: {MB}  Rounin Gourd Tamashi
Katana: {MB}  Rounin Kuro Sheathed Katana
Claws: [CX] Broken Claws, Broken Talons

Hat: :::BareRose::: Scarred Kasa Scarred Black
Mask: ContraptioN]  Masks: Iron Beast
Mouth: ContraptioN]  Needle Jaw
Beads: [CX]  Prayer Beads Necklace (Black)
Bandages: Clemmm – Bandaged Hands Black
Tattoo:CURELESS [+] Dragon’s Wisdom Tattoo


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