It slowly appears from out of the mist.
Calling for a whisper of heaven’s door.

.Hair:  *Dura – Girl*66 White

.Tattoo: antielle. Okami Amaterasu

.Eyeliner: [CX]  Noh Eyeliner – UBUME x ORIGAMI

.Lips: violetta.  -female horror mesh lips RARE  – UBUME x ORIGAMI

.Hair Ornament: Clemmm & katat0nik*  – Corpse Ornament  – UBUME x ORIGAMI

.Kimono: tomoto – Katahada Blood White – UBUME x ORIGAMI

.Pants:  tomoto  – Slim Pants –  Monsieur Chic

.Bracelet: [CX] Slien Cuff – The Crossroads

.Nails:[CX]  Canidae Nails

.Skull: {EgoSumAii}+ Threaded Skull – RARE – (FGC  8/7)

.Tails:  .::Cubic Cherry::.  {Catty-fox} ninetailed fox  pastel RARE – The Gacha Garden

.Ears: .::Cubic Cherry::.  {Catty-fox} Ears Snow– The Gacha Garden

.Dragons:  *katat0nik*  – Cloud Dragon – Ghost

.Mist:  {anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue]

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