.Kill For Me.

.Kill For Me.

Are you big? Are you ugly?
Can you kill a man with your hands?
Are you hot? Do you want me?
Think I don’t understand?

.Hair:  [BURLEY] Joe

.Eyes: [CX] Industrial Ears

.Ears: {S0NG} – Hex Eyes – Red  – TMD

.Necklace:  [ kunst ] Cross Necklace    – TMD

.Rings:[CX] Wrapped Rings

.Nails:  [CX]  Canidae Claws

.Collar:   CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY – Handy Tiara – Burnt   – Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.Spoon: CURELESS [+] &DISORDERLY – Suppertime – Burnt –   Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.Vest:  ::GB:: Feather  Vest – Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.Top: Caboodle – Cain Tee – Skeletal –  TMD

.Pants: ..S..: Wax Motor Pants

.Boots:  BUENO– Seattle Boots  – TMD

.Feathers:{anc} feather chips  – TMD

.Skull: ISON  – books and skulls

.Chair: NOMAD //  04 // Gothic Chair

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