.Your Misfortune.

.Your Misfortune.

Are you really sure you want to know?

There is no going back.

.Skull & Cowl: BlunderForge : Guise of the Autumn God

.Eye: Izzie’s– Lua Eyes – Evil Eyes  – Orange Demon – The Epiphany

.Suit: ::GB:: Vintage Suit / Black

.Necklace: ::GB::  Body Chain – The Epiphany

.Wings: Tentacio – Raven wings wood

.Hands: CURELESS&DISORDERLY –  Disembodied Witches Hands – Salem

.Tail: [CX] Bone Tail

.Flying Cards: DISORDERLY – Flight of the Tarot Cards – Kawaii Project

.Skeleton:  *Shai* Skelly Dinner Guest – Eat


DRD MS – Magick Shoppe
DRD MS – Spell Supply – Hutch One
DRD MS – Spell Supply – Divider
DRD MS – Fortune Telling Chair
DRD MS – Fortune Telling Table
DRD MS – Spell Supply – Display One
DRD MS – Mega Spell Center
DRD MS – Spell Supply – Display Two

Kalopsia @ Salem:

Kalopsia – 11 – Tabitha’s Ragged Curtains
Kalopsia – 6 – Tabitha’s Spell Books – Blue/Camel
Kalopsia – 5 – Tabitha’s Spell Books – Red/Beige
Kalopsia – 9 – Tabitha’s Tarot Cards

22769 @ The Seasons Story:

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Maple Bowl Black
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Baroque Candle Holder Black

Decor @ The Epiphany

.Random Matter.  – Paint It Black – Hand Candle [Black] [R]
.Random Matter.  – Paint It Black – Skull Jar
Ariskea[Damned] The Black Skull
Fawny – Coven.Cat – Decor 10

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