Study Time.

Study Time.

Skin: Lara Hurley – Scarlett / Rose Pale
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lien~ Abyss Eye
Makeup: -Glam Affair – Rose – Universal Eyebrow 01
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Hollywood lashes – Greta Garbo & Action Mesh Feathered Lashes BLACK
Lips: [PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick <50% Opacity> – Nude Pink
Teeth: Kibitz – Teeth system
Freckles: Bossie. freckles & beauty marks [00F][classic]
Glasses: .random.Matter. – Yeol Glasses – Gold
Hairbase: Eskimo Fashion – Malaysian Lace Front Capts (Hairbase) – Black (Parted)
Hair: Doe: Junko Pigtails – Gingers
Uniform: =Zenith=Winter School Uniform (Blue) – Project Se7en
Socks & Shoes: Addams – Mesh Michele Shoes – NEW!


Petals: {anc} Garden – Petal rain{white}
Papers: Soy. Papers – spread [A]
Plant Stand: Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Shabby Stands
Plants: Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – A, C, F & G
Tables: DRD CS – The Joint Coffee Shop – Pedestal Table
Stools: DRD CS – The Joint Coffee Shop – Stool
Recycling: —ANHELO-G01B5-168GA :: recycling A & B
Flying Papers: `M.BIRDIE / School look s/s F.Flying in the wind
Cigarette Machine: Soy. Vending Machine [Cigarette]
Other Food: 6. [P] Pillows, Happy Pho: Beef Pho, 13. [P] Pillows, Happy Pho: Ice Coffee, 10. [P] Pillows, Happy Pho: Utensils, 14. [P] Pillows, Happy Pho: Sauce, 7. [P] Pillows, Happy Pho: Seafood Pho & 11. [P] Pillows, Happy Pho: Garnish

*Tentacio* & Blackjack @ Kustom9

*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Noodle Bar
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Bar
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Sign
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Sidewalk
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Lanterns
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Lamps
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Milk Vendor
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Dangos
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Tofu Ramen
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Pork Buns
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – American Style
*Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle Bar – Choco Gofres

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