.Woof! Fucker.

.Woof! Fucker.

A dog is on stage
Barking passion and fighting spirit
A crazy rude dog’s animal instinct takes over

Parker’s Version

.Hair:  [taketomi] – Kris – ULTRA

.Tattoo: CURELESS [+] Komainu Guardians

.Jacket: ::GB::  – One Shoulder Jacket  – The Epiphany

.Tank Top:  [VALE KOER] Essential Tank

.Waist Shirt: BlankLine   Shirts

.Pants: not so bad . – NYL Jeans – TMD

.Poses: Le Poppycock * Happy Hour, Another  (slight mods) –  Men Only Monthly

.Vending Machine: ::no13:: pornbook vendor
.Beer Cans: ::no13:: can white
.News Paper: ANHELO.G01B5-168GA :: recycling
.Truck: ANHELO G01A5-168GA :: TOYOTA Waste Paper Recovery
.Beer Crates: ANHELO– G01B1-168GA :: beer case
.Cinder Blocks: *booN-kura concrete bloc
.Air Con: *booN – kura Japanese grandma A/C
.Building: ::no13:: ordinary small coffee shop RARE- ULTRA
.Wall: ::no13:: Factory Shutter  – TMD
.Paper: Soy. Papers – spread
.Raccoon: MutresseCheeky Raccoons-Diving

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