.Animal Magnetism.

.Animal Magnetism.

The story began the moment you brushed passed me
Your gaze seems to convey something
But you play hard to get
I’m looking forward to it

[Parker’s View]

.Hair: Tableau Vivant  \\ Yoshi –  – Kustom 9 

.Head Tattoo: AITUI – Beauty & Pain

.Body Tattoo:  CURELESS [+]  Psychopomp Body

.Necklaces: [ kunst ]  Pearson necklace / gold, Gold Bar Necklace – TMD

.Watch:[ kunst ]  Calculator Watch  – TMD

.Scarf: [CX] Cuffed Stole- Snow Fox Fur

.Shirt: -David Heather- Ever Shirt Black – Rewind

.Pants: -David Heather- Ever Trousers Black – Rewind

.Boots: *katat0nik*   Strap Boot


KraftWork Firehouse – Fameshed
N4RS Benz Chair  – TMD
Soy. Three Legged Floor Lamp   – TMD
Junk zebra rug.
*NAMINOKE* Chamomile A & B – Whimsical
[[RH]]  Grass
[[RH]]  KOKE -Moss-
[[RH]]  Japanese Summer House plants – Fameshed
Studio Skye Bamboo Palm
Studio Skye Banana Plant
Studio Skye Zingiberaceae

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