Tea & Spice.

Tea & Spice.

Build: Scarlet Creative Gorgeous Rose – Stone – Collabor88
Book Print: floorplan. old books sign
Word Print: floorplan. wonderfvll frame
Rug: { affaire } hamilton floor rug
Table: Apple Fall Old Stained Table
Books: Apple Fall Books
Candles: ARIA – Story Candle Stick
Scale: Soy. Old Scale
Pipe: 32 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Pipe Set
Papers: junk. calipers & papers.
Snowglobe: SPELL : Ancient Yew Globe RARE
Mints: 31 –8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – 8 Minute Mints
Spoons: .Shi : Vintage Flatware . Silver – Shiny Shabby
Tied Spoons: .Shi : Vintage Spoons / GIFT
Spoons & Napkin: .Shi : Vintage Napkin Stack . Silver – Shiny Shabby
Tea: cinphul // diffuse [teapot w/stand], diffuse [carafe] & diffuse [cup] [hot] – On9
Bell Jars: [ keke ] autumn bell jar & autumn bell jar . moths – NEW!

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