Baking Break.

Baking Break.

Head: CATWA HEAD Kathy v2.16
Skin: Insol: Mashell’s secrets #6 “Forever summer”
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lien~ Abyss Eye
Eyebags: Izzie’s Aegyo Sal
Lips: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK – Jacqueline
Teeth: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head TEETH “Natural No.1”
Freckles: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Freckles” NOSE/CHEEK
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Sohye – kustom9
Shirt: The Secret Store – Melody Sweater – Stripes – Collabor88
Pants: Addams // Donna Cargo Jogger – NEW!
Shoes: Ingenue :: Elke Sneakers :: Cotton – Collabor88
Pose: Le Poppycock-Take Note – ULTRA


Build: Scarlet Creative Atley House
Table: Apple Fall Pottery Dining Table
Chair: Apple Fall Pottery Dining Chair
Flower Tin: –tres blah– Tea Time – Tin with Flowers
Towel: Apple Fall Red Teacloth
Newspaper: dust bunny . sunday newspaper
Dishes: [ keke ] hard to find cream & sugar – blush, bowl 2, bowl 1, bowl w lemons, cup 1, cups, cup 2 & bowl 3 – NEW!
Cat: O.M.E.N – Ragdoll – Playing – VIP – N21
Utensils: {what next} ‘Patisserie’ Kitchen Utensils – Collabor88
Dish Rack: {what next}} ‘Patisserie’ Dish Drainer – Collabor88
Mixer: {what next} ‘Patisserie’ Kitchen Mixer – Collabor88
Mixing Bowls: {what next} ‘Patisserie’ Bowls Decor – Collabor88
Bake Sign: {what next} ‘Patisserie’ Bake Decor – Collabor88
Frames: {what next} Framed – ‘Hello Fall’ Wreath (lit) – NEW!
Potted Tree: {what next} ‘Hello Fall’ Mini Tree (lit) – NEW!

[Schultz Bros.] @ PocketGacha:

[Schultz Bros.] 01. Main Counter w/ Sink – RARE
[Schultz Bros.] 03. Single Counter w/ Cabinet
[Schultz Bros.] 10. Kitchen Stove
[Schultz Bros.] 12. Hanging Pots & Pans
[Schultz Bros.] 11. Stove Vent & Cabinets
[Schultz Bros.] 15. Kitchen Backsplash
[Schultz Bros.] 13. Spice Rack

O.M.E.N @ N21:

O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Kitchen Island w/items – Whitewood
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Bottle of Milk
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Brown Sugar
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Coconut Flour
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Corn starch
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Eggs
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Measuring Cup
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Measuring Spoons
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Parchment paper
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Pieshell & Dough – Blue
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Pieshell & Dough – Red
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Rolling Pin & Dough
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Scattered Blackberries
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Scattered Raspberries
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Split Flour
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Stick of Butter
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Unbaked Blackberry Pie
O.M.E.N – Messy Baking – Unbaked Raspberry Pie

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