.Skeleton Keeper.

.Skeleton Keeper.

. . .

.Hair: Barber Shop / David   –  Men Only Monthly

.Scarf:  [CX] – Bandlands Silencer – The Seasons Story

.Jacket: Yasum *Vintage Jacket* Pitch RARE (Modified)

.Stole:  ::GB:: Crow Feather stole / Black – The Epiphany

.Body: CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Skeletal System / RARE (Modified) – The Epiphany

.Dolls: CURELESS [+]Anatomic Doll / Skeletal System / Caged Dolls – The Epiphany

.Tattoo: CURELESS [+] Psychopomp Body – Opaque

.Ring:  [CX] Cult Ring (Group Gift)

.Claws:  [CX] Salient Talons (Bento)

.Belt:  ::GB::Cummerbund / Black – The Epiphany

.Pants/Boots:  ::GB:: Cross strap boots & Pants (Black) – The Epiphany

.Large Skulls: {-Maru Kado-}Skull Plant Pot_B10, Pot_B08  – The Epiphany
.Doll Heads: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Head Shelf – The Epiphany

DRD  – Spiritualists Shoppe Set
Potions Shelf
Skull Lamp
Round Carpet
Coveting Keys and Locks
Caged Familiar – Neglected
Caged Familiar – Giant Spider

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