.Grownup Way.

.Growup Way.

Alone just to try the grownup way
And we could blow the lights out of this town, you know
In the dark outside our hearts will glow
Gone off to Tokyo

.Hair: [INK] Hair__RUFFLED – Japonica

.Tattoo:  *CN* Tattoo 2015 – (Coming to NEO-JAPAN  3/31)

.Bracelet: .:E.A.Studio:.Wuji Taiji Man – (Coming to NEO-JAPAN 3/31)

.Pants: ::GB:: jersey pants  –  Man Cave

.Pipe: [CX] Kizumi Drone – Japonica

.Ring: [CX]  Horny Skull Ring

.Tapestry: kisetsu Spring Noren – Kurenai

.Wash Bowl: BlankLine  Onsen Wash Tub Japonica

.Laundry Basket:  {-Maru Kado-}  Laundry basket – The Mens Dept

.Laundry Rack  {-Maru Kado-}  Perfect day for laundry!_Clothes stand – The Mens Dept

.Drunk Kitty:  {-Maru Kado-}   Sleep Cat

.Mess: Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Oh Sheet!’

.Bowls: Tableau Vivant\ Yatai Cups

.Sauces: Tableau Vivant\Yatai Sauces

.Apartment: Soy. Apartment

Soy. at – The Mens Dept

Soy. The Kitchen
Soy. Water Heater
Soy. Gus Burner
Soy. Fridge
Soy. Frying pan
Soy. Cutting Board
Soy. Dishes
Soy. Sliced Onion
Soy. Sponge

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