Summer Brunching.

Summer Brunching.

White Lanterns: {moss&mink} Summer of 69 – String Lanterns
Hanging Lanterns: AF Edi’s Lamp (Wicker)
Plants: [Tia] Harper Monstera Plant – Uber
Candles: llorisen // roselyn candle holder (a – e)
Bottled Plants: {moss&mink} Bottled Flowers – White

hive @ Summerfest:

hive // bowl of fresh oranges
hive // orange juice prep

.peaches. @ Uber:

.peaches. Summer Memories – Adirondak Chair
.peaches. Summer Memories – Bench
.peaches. Summer Memories – Table – Rustic
.peaches. Summer Memories – Curtain – White
.peaches. Summer Memories – Pergola – Rustic
.peaches. Summer Memories – Dispensing Stand

{moss&mink} @ Uber:

{moss&mink} Chicken cooked
{moss&mink} Lime chicken skewers
{moss&mink} Steak cooked
{moss&mink} Steak & asparagus dinner
{moss&mink} Sausage & Eggs
{moss&mink} Sprinkle cream pancakes
{moss&mink} Eggs cooked
{moss&mink} Sausages cooked
{moss&mink} Steak raw
{moss&mink} Sausages raw
{moss&mink} Eggs raw
{moss&mink} Chicken raw
{moss&mink} Summer BBQ (Deco only)

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