.Don’t Care.

.Don't Care.

Spent a few years being afraid
Now it’s my profession
Spent a few years hiding my flaws
But this is a confession

.Hair: *Dura–-B87 – Style 2 – Coming Soon to NEO-Japan

.Ears: Mandala – Steking

.Head Tattoo: AITUI – Beauty & Pain

.Tattoo: DAPPA – Leon Tattoo – TMD

.Necklace: [VEX] Mini Cuban Black  – TMD

.Arms: [CX] Origin Wraps

.Rings: Messiah x .Shi : Emeth / Chunky Rings  – TMD

.Tank: RIOT / Surfs Up Tank –

.Jacket: AMITOMO – Endless summer GACHA – RESIZE – 14

.Pants: : TORI TORRICELLI :.  Tribeca Jeans– TMD

.Violin: [sau]Classic violin[1.0] – TMD

.Couch: Animosity – Leather Chaise– TMD

.Curtains: {anc} beads curtain– TMD

.Lights:C L A Vv.  Hanging Lights in Jars RARE – The Arcade

.Room: anxiety  x VARONIS [Variety Lofts]

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